This is BLUEDOT Entertainment. 

We would like to inform you about <SONG WRITING PROJECT: Make It New>.

In line with the rapidly changing music market trends, we will proceed with songwriting projects for more original song work.

To be recruited: Pro/Amateur track makers, top liners around the world

Genre: No relation, popular genre in each country

Reception Period: April 17, 2024 (Wed) 12PM to May 12, 2024 (Sun) 11:59PM (KST)

*Only successful candidates will be contacted individually after May 15, 2024 (Wed).

Enquiries and Reception:

1) Download and create an application

2) Submit application and materials email

* File name & Mail title: [Make It New] Participate in the songwriting project (name or team name)

* File format: Self-submit such as track before songwriting (including melody and lyrics) and demo song that has completed guide recording, mp3 format is recommended

Contents: A project to include the selected songs in the next JUST B’s album after developing them online/offline with the members of JUST B. (*Only songs in the album will be paid.)

Please show a lot of interest.

Thank you.

Reminder about JUST B’s unofficial schedule such as airport arrival and departures and the invasion of privacy


This is BLUEDOT Entertainment.

First of all, we extend our sincere gratitude to the fans for their overwhelming love and unwavering support towards JUST B.

Despite our previous announcement, there are ongoing incidents in our recent domestic and international schedules that pose a threat to the safety of our artists. This includes engaging in prohibited behavior, causing harm to other fans and the public, and violating the privacy of JUST B’s members. Hence, we once again seek the cooperation of the fans to foster an orderly and respectful fan culture.

All behaviors listed below are prohibited.

We are committed to taking a firm stance against such behavior, as it has the potential to directly harm other fans and artists. Kindly read the announcement below and cooperate with us.

[No visits to places related to personal privacy and private schedules]

– Visiting, waiting, or attempting to engage in conversations at locations that are not officially scheduled, such as the company building, practice room, accommodation, hair and makeup salon, gym, etc.

– Following the artist during their personal schedule or tailing their vehicle

– Waiting for, filming, or attempting to engage in conversations with artists in areas that are not accessible to fans, such as waiting rooms, and in parking lots at stations and event venues where fans are restricted by staff or security

▶ Any schedules not listed on the schedule board on BLUEDOT’s website ( are considered private. Visiting, photographing, or filming unannounced schedules in places related to the artist’s private life, such as during their commute, at hair and makeup salon, accommodation, or the company, is strictly prohibited.

If you are caught or reported to our staff for visiting such spaces, you may be disqualified from participating in all future fan club activities without prior notice.

[Regarding personal information]

– Buying or selling members’ personal information, flight and accommodation information, etc.

– Contacting the members’ family members and acquaintances for personal gain or contacting them through social media or phone

– Waiting in front of the accommodation during overseas schedules, taking audio recordings, photos, and videos, or attempting to converse with them

If you are found engaging in any of the above behaviors that are considered an invasion of privacy, you may be disqualified from participating in all future fan club activities without prior notice.

[Regarding schedules at airports]

– Taking audio recordings, photographs, and videos inside airplanes, duty-free shops/lounges, airplane cabins, duty-free, security clearance, and baggage claim areas when traveling to and from airports

– Uploading photos, audio, and video taken in the above locations to social media and online

– Making excessive attempts to communicate and make contact while traveling and obstructing traffic

▶ There have been several incidents of fans forcibly following artists, attempting to engage in contact and conversation, taking photographs, and forcibly delivering letters or gifts despite staff restraint.

Filming at immigration and security checkpoints inside airports is strictly prohibited by law. Additionally, all photography, video, and recording in airport checkpoints, lounges, duty-free shops, security areas, baggage claim areas, and inside airplanes are not allowed.

Please refrain from any behavior that might inconvenience flight passengers or pose safety concerns, even if it falls outside prohibited areas of the airport. Additionally, maintain a safe distance from members, as crowded conditions during travel can create safety issues.

Engaging in any of the above behaviors may result in disciplinary action by on-site staff, including the deletion of data memory. If you continue to engage in the same behavior, you may be disqualified from participating in all future fan club activities without prior notice.

[Regarding commutes to and from work]

– Obstructing traffic, such as engaging in excessive conversation with the artist or filming

– Hand-delivering letters or gifts to artists

– Following a moving vehicle or jumping into a driveway

– Making physical contact with the artist

– Disguising yourself as a staff member and waiting in the entrance and exit lines

▶ When delivering letters or gifts, please refer to the <Support Application and Fan Letter for JUST B>, and note that direct delivery to the artist is only possible during fan signings.

Kindly be aware that we do not accept fan letters at unofficial events, including airport arrivals and departures, content shoots, and performance events that do not solicit fan participation, such as concerts and international events, unless stated otherwise.

In addition to the above, if any behavior deemed to be a serious violation of privacy is detected, we will permanently disqualify you from participating in all future fan club activities (such as participating in fan signings, public broadcasts, and events) without prior notice and take legal action.

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that no harm is inflicted on others for personal gain and that the well-being of artists is not compromised.

ONLY B’s active cooperation is requested to foster a healthy fan culture.

Ensuring artist safety is our foremost commitment, and we will do our best to fulfill it.

Thank you.

Updated address for gifts and fan letters for JUST B (08.30.23 ver.)

This is BLUEDOT Entertainment.

We wanted to let you know that there’s been a change in the address for sending gifts and fan letters to JUST B.

The receiving address for gifts and fan letters sent by ONLY B for JUST B will be changed as follows as of September 13, 2023.

Kindly take note that gifts and fan letters sent to the previous address will only be delivered to the artists if they arrive by September 27. Items received thereafter may not be delivered, so please make sure to check the new address before sending your items to prevent any potential loss.

[Changed Address]
Address: OOO (Member’s name) #811 58, Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Postal Code: 04778
[Effective Period]
The changed address will be in effect as of September 13, 2023.

Please ensure that you include the name of the respective member when sending your item.

 All fan letter and gift applications and deliveries will be processed in accordance with the announcement regarding gifts.

For more information, please refer to the announcement regarding gifts at
Thank you.

Regarding the invasion of privacy of JUST B’s members


This is BLUEDOT Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to thank the fans for all their love and support for JUST B.

Recently, a violation of privacy posed a risk to the safety of JUST B’s members, so we would like to ask for your cooperation regarding the matter.

<What counts as an invasion of privacy>

  • Waiting at the site of unofficial schedules and attempting to have a conversation
  • Visiting the company building, artist’s home, makeup studio, salon, gym, etc. and attempting to have a conversation
  • Following the artist on their personal schedule and following the artist’s car
  • Making physical contact with the artist

In addition to the above, anyone found to have invaded the artist’s privacy will be disqualified from all future fan club activities (participation in fan signing events, public broadcasts, events, etc.) without prior notice.

We ask for your full cooperation.

Thank you.

Information about the vote on JUST B’s official fandom name

This is JUST B’s staff.

First of all, thank you for participating in the naming event for JUST B’s fandom 🙂
Out of all the entries that you submitted, we have selected four most prevalent names for the final vote.
Please refer to the information below if you’d like to participate in the vote.

The final decision will reflect the results of the vote as well as the artist’s opinion.

Voting Period

August 13 (Fri.) to August 15 (Sun.) 23:59 (KST) 2021

How to vote

1.   Click on the following Google Form link. (

2.   Select the fandom name you like best and click on submit!

Important Information

1.   Only one entry per ID is allowed. The entry can be modified within the Voting period.

2.  The official fandom name will be announced next week after the votes are counted.

We look forward to your participation in creating your precious name. 🙂

JUST B Official Fandom Naming Contest

This is JUST B’s staff.

We will be holding a contest to decide on the name of JUST B’s fandom, who provide unsparing support for JUST B.
Please refer to the information below if you are interested in participating.

Submission Period

August 9 (Mon.) to August 11 (Wed.) 23:59 (KST) 2021

How to enter

  1. Click on the following Google Form link. (
  2. Write the fandom name and its meaning in the corresponding fields and click on submit.

Important Information

  1. Only one entry per ID is allowed. The entry can be modified within the submission period.
  2. Any entries not following the proper format or guidelines outlined in this notice will not be considered.
  3. The submissions will be narrowed down in the primary vote, and the final winner will be selected in the runoff vote. The official fandom name will be announced afterward.

We invite your participation in creating a precious name for yourselves:)

Support Application and Fan Letter for JUST B (220118 ver.)

Hello, everyone. This is BLUETDOT Entertainment.  
We would like to guide you through how to apply for support for JUST B and send fan letters to them. Please refer to the following.    

Support Application  

– Every support should be applied through the Support tab on the website of BLUEDOT Entertainment, and will be confirmed and provided after prior consultation with the fanclub manager.  
– Only the gifts costing under one million won per item are allowed to be delivered to the artists.   
– It is essential to provide the details of the items when applying for support. (Attach a receipt that confirms the place of purchase and price)  
– If any of the items different from the application form and not permitted as a gift, the items will be returned or discarded without any notification.  
– It is not possible to deliver the support items by visiting the office without prior consultation or via the members, managers, and staff. If any support items are sent without prior consultation, they can be returned or discarded.  
– Any items sent by C.O.D. will be returned.  
– The company does not perform gift verifications.

Food Support for Artist Schedule  

– Any food support is not acceptable due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  
Please understand our decision as this is for the health and safety of the artists and staff.  

Non-Acceptable Support Items 

– Cash items (gift certificate, ticket, coupon, gift card, etc.)  
– Flowers that can easily be spoiled and any food and food products (snack, drink, cake, etc.)  
– All communication devices (cell phones, tablet PCs, smartwatches, etc.)
* Devices that only use Wi-Fi are also banned.
– Only one person (or one team) is allowed to give a cake on a first-come, first-served basis. If it is a sugar/clay cake, it should be a dummy cake. (Any edible cake would not be acceptable.)  
– In the case of cakes, we accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis from 00:00 7 days before the anniversary. (ex. For June 30th debut anniversary cake, you can apply from June 23rd 00:00)

How to Apply for Support 

– Click the guidance on support application under NOTICE on the website of BLUEDOT Entertainment and fill in the form. Click the SUBMIT button. (  
– Please make sure not to miss anything on the support application form.  
– We are going to reply to you at your email address in the application form. Please understand that we are sending the email in serial order.   
– For more information on support application, please contact us at 

Fan Letter Delivery 

– Address: To (member name), #519, Seoul Forest FORHU, 58 Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 
– The fan letters are allowed to be sent without any prior application. Please send them to the above address.  
– Fan letters can be sent by mail or delivered through the staff during official activities.

*Public broadcasts, events, offline fan signings, etc. with fan participation under the supervision of BLUEDOT Entertainment’s staff.

– We ask for your understanding as fan letters will not be accepted at all during unofficial activities such as arrival and departure at the airport and filming of content as well as concerts, overseas activities, and events without fan participation.

Since this notice can be further revised, please check this again when you send support or fan letters.  
Thank you.  

Hello. We are BLUEDOT Entertainment.

We are BLUEDOT Entertainment.

You can use the official BLUEDOT Entertainment homepage
to stay on top of news and announcements about our artists.

We ask for your continued support.
Thank you.